Big Stuff Happening Under The Big Top Tent!

Featuring Red Symons, Wilbur Wilde, Circus Joseph Ashton (the Circus performers from Baz Lurhmann’s Moulin Rouge) and  The Silly Billies, this fun film screened at Cannes Film Festival  and nationally in Australian and New Zealand cinemas.  The movie shows us the value of assisting our friends when they need help!!  When children’s entertainers, The Silly Billies, hear that their Circus friends are having trouble with an unscrupulous bank manager, they decide to help Save the Circus!  Mayhem, fun and laughter flows as The Silly Billies create chaos under the Big Top Tent.  The circus might be safer with the nasty bank manager…  but it certainly wouldn’t be as much fun!!  Will a bright Red Kangaroo way up high on the Wheel of Death help save the circus?  Maybe not… but it looks awesome anyway!


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